Health update:Cancer and Alcohol

2009 August 4
by admin

In a study, published in Tuesday’s edition of the medical journal Cancer Detection and Prevention, is one of the most detailed examinations of the relationship between drinking and cancer ever done. It found that moderate and heavy drinkers of beer and spirits are markedly more likely to develop cancer than teetotallers or occasional drinkers.

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Telehealth is viable..

2009 August 3
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A telemedicine trial, undertaken by Cisco, has proven a success after almost 100 percent of responses suggested the technology used was acceptable, according to Cisco Systems, a U.S.-based multi-national corporation.

Cisco, NHS Scotland and the Scottish Centre for Telehealth teamed up to run the trial at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in early 2008. The trial tested the performance of Cisco’s TelePresence and HealthPresence solutions in supporting medical staff’s treatment of patients with non-life threatening illnesses.

HealthPresence provides a more efficient way for doctors to assess patients’ symptoms using physiological data obtained through stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs and thermometers. Over the five months, 105 patients were treated. Ninety-nine percent of the patients said they were satisfied with the experience.

Source:HealthCare IT News

Health goes mobile

2009 August 2

The current trend in health care industry is to go mobile,the recent growth of Smart phones has accelerated this process.

WebMD,medscape division has introduced free tools for health care professionals,using Iphone and Itouch.

This enables,healthcare professionals to

View Drug Interactions,

Read Medical News

Participate in Contiuing Medical Education credits.

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