Changing face of health care

2009 August 6
by admin

In the past decade,newspaper was ubiquitious to news.We relied on Newspaper everyday to deliver us uptodate news about what was happening not only in the region in which we habitated but also for news from across the world.

Newspaper displayed our classified ads,and we trusted   them to sell or buy local stuff,but when Internet surfaced on the horizon,newspaper industry,never gave much importance to that,in as much dismissed it as a phenomenon which was made popular by the dot com growth,with some teenager in basement running a website.
The authority of website or the power of communities or even the power of the people was not much anticipated.
In 2009,we depend on online media to deliver our news,either through RSS or by visiting some trusted news-sites,Blogs are some of the people driven content that we read regularly then  newspaper column.
We buy and sell most of our stuff online,we buy even books regularly online,watch movies online or even watch news video online.
Why? one is the time factor as in five mins,one can absorb as much news..then spending few hours browsing through a Newspaper.
There are many other reasons..apart from these…
What does it abode for the healthcare industry.The same pattern as the Newspaper industry.
Today,patients are well informed about their medical condition then their local GPs,they discsuss about various procedures,its benefits and effects online,They read journals online and many ventures on the Internet are now surfacing which have direct patient management role.
One of the major impact Internet will have is online management of health of an individual.Personal health records which were once upon a time managed through paper based records,will now shift to web based format.
But,the major barrier to the growth has been the factor of trust,and also the loss of data.
If the e-commerce industry could grow rapdily in the past few years,to simulate online purchase-it was due to enhanced security,trust and also depersonalization of the data.So that in case if the financial transactions are manipulated,not much is lost.Yet it is not perfect.But,a step in right direction.
If the same could be replicated in health care industry in management of health care records?will it change the face of health record management?